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The German brand was founded in Saarbrücken in 1969 by defensive player and Hungarian singles and doubles champion TIBor HARangozo. Its loyalty to the city persists as TIBHAR is the main sponsor of the successful Bundesliga team 1 F.C. Saarbrücken. TIBHAR supports many international events including the 2011 World Championships in Rotterdam and the 2014 European Team Championships, during which the TIBHAR-sponsored Portuguese Men’s team dethroned Germany. TIBHAR has an outstanding line of high-end products including the Evolution, Genius, Aurus, and Nimbus rubber series as well as Grass D.TecS long pips and the Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition, Stratus Power Wood, and Drinkhall blades. Many top players are, therefore, sponsored by TIBHAR including former world #1 Vladimir Samsonov (three-time European champion; record-breaking winner of 26 pro-tour events; 2016 Olympics semi-finalist; 1997 vice world champion), Chen Chien-An (2013 men’s doubles world champion), Paul Drinkhall (Commonwealth champion, round of 16 at 2016 Olympics), Bojan Tokic, Emmanuel Lebesson, and Kristin Silbereisen, as well as many rising talents including Bernadette Szocs, Tristan Flore, Alexandre Robinot, Cristian Pletea, and Tomas Polansky. Did you know that TIBHAR has sponsored Vladimir Samsonov from the very beginning of his professional career?

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